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Far Cry 5 [GLOBAL | Uplay аккаунт] Гарантия

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Эта позиция полностью куплена.

⭐ REGION FREE!⚡ ВНИМАНИЕ! Это важно📌 Перед покупкой аккаунта проверьте конфигурацию вашего ПК на соответствие минимальным требованиям игры. Если ваш компьютер не соответствуем минимальным требованиям, то мы не несем ответственности за приобретаемый вами товар.
📌 Доступ к почте и ответ на секретный вопрос не предоставляются.
📌 После загрузки и установки игры крайне рекомендуется перевести Uplay в оффлайн-режим.
📌 Мы не предоставляем возврат денежных средств за приобретаемый товар.
📌 Замена аккаунта производится только в том случае если аккаунт теряет работоспособность или забанена сетевая игра (замена осуществляется только в гарантийный период).

🎮 Минимальные системные требования:▻ Операционная система: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit)
▻ Процессор: Intel Core i5-2400 3,1 ГГц / AMD FX-6300 3,5 ГГц или аналогичный
▻ Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / AMD R9 270 (2 ГБ видеопамяти с Shader Model 5.0 или лучше)
▻ Оперативная память (Гб): 8.0
▻ Место на диске: 45 GB

📜 Описание игры:Far Cry 5 — это шутер от первого лица, часть серии Far Cry. Действие игры разворачивается в вымышленном округе Хоуп, штат Монтана, США, где хозяйничает культ под названием «Врата Эдема» под руководством пастора Джозефа Сида. Игрокам в роли нового шерифа штата придется противостоять этому культу, который устроил настоящий террор в округе.

Мы гарантируем:👍 Замену аккаунта в течении 60 дней после покупки по причине неработоспособности.
👍 Если после покупки у вас не получилось зайти в купленный вами аккаунт напишите нам, мы решим вашу проблему в кратчайшие сроки.

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    • 11.05.2018 17:57:48
    • 08.05.2018 21:33:17
      working account and the seller is willing to solve any problem you might have
    • 02.05.2018 21:36:02
      great service but i have a few questions with the seller
    • 02.05.2018 21:33:40
      easy payment and good service. love the russians
    • 29.04.2018 22:15:40
      Great work with seller he issued a another account
    • 25.04.2018 2:09:36
      Best seller around
    • 22.04.2018 18:10:13
      Account not working. Seller IMMEDIATELY responded in 1 minute gave another account. Best seller
    • 21.04.2018 21:00:01
      Good Seller.
    • 21.04.2018 20:53:10
      Account isn´t working anymore, didn´t even work long enough for me to download the game Replaced account
    • 17.04.2018 18:22:33
      got the game right away and started playing gg
    • 17.04.2018 18:12:53
      Very nice and fast answer for the mistake. Great seller
    • 13.04.2018 22:13:31
      rien a redire vente flash et recu instante :) vendeur au poil, il suffit juste de suivre les instruction d´utilisation
    • 13.04.2018 21:17:31
      Всё супер!!!
    • 13.04.2018 13:41:48
      Top Seller. 1st Account was returned but the seller was quick to replace it.
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      Great service, account was changed but got solved within a hour. thumbs up for the seller.
    • 12.04.2018 8:25:35
      Все отлично, все получил!
    • 11.04.2018 19:07:12
      Good seller. Instantly received the login information, everything is still working without any problem. If problems do occur I´ll contact the seller.
    • 09.04.2018 17:59:13
      Game works. Always a good seller *thumbs up*
    • 08.04.2018 18:47:41
      Круто ! Аккаунт рабочий и еще на аккаунте много игр разных!
    • 06.04.2018 17:23:48
      so far it worked
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      So Far so good.
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      My account stopped working but the seller has replaced it for a working one!
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      there are awesome so recommended
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      can open uplay
    • 04.04.2018 16:56:13
      Good afternoon, I bought a few weeks ago the far cry 5 and today I can not enter the account because the password is incorrect, before it worked well and now, how can we fix it?
    • 04.04.2018 14:49:56
      slight problem with the first account but second worked fine. very happy!!!!
    • 04.04.2018 13:17:13
      Good seller, 2 account has been working properly.
    • 04.04.2018 8:41:06
      Highly recommended seller. The password of the account got changed by owner and im not able to play. please help.
    • 04.04.2018 6:28:41
      Account didn´t work at first but now it´s all good!
    • 03.04.2018 23:39:22
      yes, perfect;)
    • 03.04.2018 23:32:21
      Working good actually thanks
    • 03.04.2018 20:55:30
      I had some issues with logging in but i got helped instantly! Fast Support :D
    • 03.04.2018 19:20:33
      Got working account after two invalid ones, support replies fast (1-2 hours) they sent me new account details with no problem.
    • 03.04.2018 17:08:46
      2nd time i buy on the website (tried for AC the 1st time), and it´s working perfectly, the sellers also reply very fast if you have any problem
    • 03.04.2018 16:00:37
    • 03.04.2018 11:45:26
      правильные логин и пароль, спасибо
    • 02.04.2018 15:04:17
      Works very well,thank you!
    • 02.04.2018 6:52:33
      it works well
    • 02.04.2018 4:38:48
      Bought it worked right away playing it now thanks
    • 01.04.2018 19:57:34
      good seller . +rep
    • 31.03.2018 21:05:16
      Got other account with good good guide, works nicely :)
    • 29.03.2018 16:02:14
      I got some problem but support was great and helped me with everything!
    • 29.03.2018 12:05:28
      first account was locked the seller gave me another one , it worked like a charm tnx
    • 29.03.2018 2:32:03
      "Unable to start game" The product can not be activated right now, please try again. Now it says that the password or email is incorrect. Edit: Seller gave me another account and it seems to be working so far!
    • 29.03.2018 1:41:45
      Had a few issues but the seller quickly helped me fix them and it works fine now
    • 29.03.2018 0:25:44
      Account information was changed within an hour of logging into the account. I downloaded and loaded into the game. Came back after work and the account password was changed. Please give me another account as the Guarantee I purchased promised that within 60 days and it´s only been one. The seller tried providing me with new Account Info but that didn´t even work. Upon the third try the account information provided works really well, they even gave me an account with a little extra for the inconveniences.
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      Had trouble with the first account but after messaging support they replied very fast with a new account and now everything is working smoothly. Good service
    • 27.03.2018 16:05:50
      First Account did not worked (Auth Issue). Got an replacement in less then eighth minutes later that worked right from the start and I am already playing the Game as we speak in Offline Mode. UnlockOnline is my place to go to "Try before I buy..." I already said it under my Assassin´s Creed UPlay Account Review: Ubisoft needs to finally understand that they have to get out of their shell and offer a Demo Mode for their Games similar to Origin Access. It can´t be that I have to pay someone else besides them to share their UPlay Account with me if I want to try out their Games before I buy. I am willing to pay the same monthly among i am paying for Origin for such a Service if they would offer it but it seems that Ubisoft still has no interest in my money so I keep coming back to those Account Reseller to a "Full Demo" Build of a Game before I consider buying the Game. And no Ubisoft, I do not give a single damn about YouTube/Twitch Streamer that stream the Console Build ahead of the Launch, i am a PC Game that want to try out a Game on my own System before I consider paying someone $90 for their Game.