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Closers: Digital Collector´s Edition (Аккаунт)

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Аккаунт Steam с игрой Closers + DLC Digital Collector´s Edition
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Бонусы данного дополнения:

The Collector’s Pack includes all the elements you need to play Closers in style! The Nightmare Costume (exclusive to this edition) will work with all current and future characters.

This pack contains:

- Elite Status Voucher (30 Day)—Get the most out of Closers with a month of elite status!
- Nightmare Costume—Get the full 10-piece set of Closers’ most awe-inspiring costume! (can only be used on one character - choose wisely)
- You’ll receive 2,000 EMP to spend however you like!
- Gardening Voucher (30 Day)-Hire Alraune to tend to your garden!
- Maid Voucher (30 Day)-Hire Celine to aid in exploration quests and more!
- Midnight Wings (3-Star, AAA-tuned) (30 Day)—A pair of onyx-black wings to make you look badass!

Дополнительное описание

Новый аккаунт, без игрового времени.