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After payment, you will instantly receive Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate + Injustice 2 Legendary Edition XBOX One | Series X/S Key/Code.

Activation region: ARGENTINA
A vpn is required only to active the game key.
However, after activation, the game can be played WITHOUT ANY REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS.
The game is added forever to your account.
You can download and play the game in any region, with all available languages.

Game Description
The Ultimate Fighter set gives you the ability to double strike. It combines both hits from the fighting game world from NetherRealm Studios.

Full version of MK11! Control the defenders of Earthrealm in these two parts of the critically acclaimed story mode. The roster of characters consists of 37 fighters, including Reina, Mileena, and Rambo.

Heroes are born in battle. Injustice ™ 2 is a legendary edition. Immerse yourself in dynamic gameplay and story mode as you choose from the largest roster of characters in the DC Universe.

Smart Delivery brings FREE updates to Xbox Series X | S:

• Dynamic resolution up to 4K
• Improved visuals
• Accelerated loading time
• Compatibility with other platforms and other generations

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Activation instructions:
We send premium vpn credentials on checkout for all iPhone, Android, Windows and Macintosh. Detailed instructions will be automatically sent upon purchase.

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