🔶PlayStation Network 10 POUND - £ 10 GBP (UK pounds)

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You buy a license activation key for the PlayStation PSN 10 GBP UK card

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Activation: PlayStation
Publishers: Sony Interactive
►Activation Region: UK
******************************************************* ******

To use the Playstation Store on your console, register another account, when choosing a region, specify the United Kingdom and log in to it on your console. After payment and receipt of the wallet replenishment code via the console:

1. Go to the PS Store, select the account menu -> Redeem Code
2. Enter the received code and confirm the action, the console will inform you that the wallet will be replenished with the specified amount.
3. Buy games and enjoy!
Дополнительное описание
How to create a UK account from a PC or phone browser

IMPORTANT! You create an account from your device
Instructions: VPN is not needed. Log in from the browser of your phone or PC (Read the instructions carefully before doing everything yourself)

1. Create a new user on the console (If you want to access your library from the main account*)

2. Create a new mail on any popular service (Gmail, mail, rambler)

3. Create a new PSN account (this can be done at id.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/id/create_account_ca/).

4. Already at the second stage, indicate the desired country. Great Britain.

5. Enter your email
Confirm your account with a new email.

6. When you log in to the Sony website, you will be asked to enter your Nickname and address.
Use the website fakexy.com/fake-address-generator-uk

7. Once the account has been created and verified, log in to it on the console as the new user.
8. Your first (RU) account must be the primary system on the console.
9. Enjoy working PS Store!